House rules villa La Luna

No parties or noise disturbance
The house is located in a quiet urbanisation and according to the rules of the urbanisation, loud music is not allowed and the neighbours should not be able to hear anything from you between 10pm and 8am. Partying and/or inviting other people is not allowed (except with prior written permission from the owner).

No pets
To keep the house air-friendly/allergen-free for all guests, pets are not allowed.

No smoking
Smoking is never allowed in and around the house.
Only at the bar by the pool is smoking allowed.

Fire hazard
Great care must be taken to avoid fire hazards. In 2021, there was a very big fire in the neighbourhood and houses burned out as well. In Spain, the costs of extinguishing fires (including helicopters) are recovered from the perpetrator and due to the drought and location in the forest, everything catches fire very quickly.

Keep the jacuzzi fresh
Use of the jacuzzi is included in the price, if done according to the rules. The jacuzzi is serviced 3 times a week, but to keep the water fresh and hygienic it is essential that everyone takes a shower before use and removes any oily substances, such as sun cream or hair wax, with soap/shampoo. Up to the edge of the jacuzzi, (plastic) slippers are compulsory so that no dirt is walked in.
Only plastic glasses (provided) and cans may be used at the jacuzzi, no glass. Report any accidents to the owner immediately, so that the water balance can be restored in a targeted manner. This will keep your water fresh and healthy.

Save energy and water
The (high Spanish) costs for water and electricity are also included in the rental price, provided they are reasonable. If extreme consumption occurs, for example by leaving the air conditioning to cool with windows and doors open, or by leaving the jacuzzi hood open, extra costs will be charged.

Prevent burglary
The garden and house are secured with IP cameras that the security guard and owner can view. The camera overlooking the pool and terraces can be turned off by the tenants. Request to turn it back on when everyone leaves the house. Gates, doors and windows should always be securely locked when out of sight. At the entrance to the garden, a surveillance camera will remain on permanently.  

Avoid blockages
The Spanish sewage system is fragile. To avoid nasty blockages with high costs, it is important not to flush grease, food leftovers and hygiene materials down toilets and sinks. Use kitchen paper and dustbins.

Avoid pests
As the house is in the middle of nature in a warm climate, pests such as ants come in easily. For yourself and subsequent guests, it is important not to leave any edible items (outside) that animals will gravitate towards. Keeping the house crumb-free (hoover available) and closing open containers of food, is also important to prevent pests. Rubbish should be separated according to the guidelines present in the various bins.

Tidied up on departure
On the day of departure, the house should be left “wipe clean” by 10 am. This means that all rubbish has been taken to its designated place and the fridges and freezers are empty. The dishes are clean (dishwasher unpacked) and used appliances in the kitchen have been cleaned. Furniture in the house and garden should be back in place as on arrival.

In case of any problems, always contact the owner immediately.
Enjoy your stay without problems!

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